Photo Gallery

Flying the Amador Central May, 2014:

Aerial filming of the Amador Central Railroad during the May 24, 2014 Ione Rail Fair and Vintage Motor Fest, Amador County, California. By Larry Angier

P14 Test Run, 4-9-2014:

Test run of the P14 passenger car on the Amador Central Railroad. Video by Mike Cozad

VIP Run, 7-13-2013 "Amador Central Cannonball":

Public motor car run on the Amador Central Railroad, to thank supporters of the railroad. By: Mike Cozad

High Ball to Martell, May 2013:

A time lapse film created during the Ione Railfair 2013. Normally it takes about an hour to climb the 3% grade, round the nearly 100 curves and travel the ten miles from the Ione Railyard up to the turning pad just west of Martell, California. By: Larry Angier

Ione Homecoming Parade 2013 ACRR-RRCHS:

Ione Homecoming Parade from the float's perspective. The RRCHS decorated and entered a float featuring the debut of "Plywood Ivan" a plywood mach-up of Iron Ivan, including billowing smoke. Video by Mike Cozad.

Ione Rail Fair 5-29-2011:

Two videos from the Ione Rail Fair in 2011. Part 1: the trip from Ione to Martell, and Part 2: from Martel back to Ione. Videos by Mike Cozad