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RRCHS/ACRR Event Photos (2016):

Free, Members Thank You Run 6-25-2016

This last Saturday, 6-25-2016, the AMC hosted a free run for all members who desired to run or ride on our beautiful Amador Central Railroad. This free run was to thank all our members for the huge support they give us to keep these beautiful, historic rails running. Thank You all for your support, now and in the future. Without you, we would not be able to do it. Photos By: Michael Cozad

AMC VIP Tour 6-11-2016

There was a wonderful VIP run on the railroad Saturday June 11th. Everything went very well and the run up the hill and back was completed by noon. Our very special guests were Ione Police Chief Tracy Busby and his Granddaughter and Amandor County CHP Commander Todd Brown and his wife. They enjoyed the tour of our little Railroad. We explained the history of the Amador Central RR and how it's being preserved by the RRCHS and ACHS. We demonstrated how we flag the Hwy crossing and the way the motorcars are turned for the run back to Ione. Write up By: Robert Cozad Photos By: Robert Cozad

Ione Rail Fair 5-28-2016

Our just completed Rail Fair was a hit with the community. All participants were happy and all smiles as we both left and returned. We made 5 trips to Sunny Brook (and back) with no major problems. The model train group was also well received by the visitors as well as our operators and staff. Preston Castle was there with an information booth and Karl and crew seemed pleased by the interest. ACHS had a booth to promote not only themselves but the history of the railroad as well.

Sadly, Carlos, aka Fat Freddie had some medical issues, and could not make the rail fair. Sub Way in Ione delivers now, and came to the rescue. Our thoughts and prayers are in Carlos's corner. No one went away hungry just missing an old friend.

From me personally I wish to thank each and every operator, staffer, partners at ACHS (in other words every person that was able to come down and pitch in) for making this a successful and FUN Rail Fair. RRCHS has some new prospective members that have applied and had we been able to enroll a very young man he would have jumped right in. The seed has been planted for him to join us in the future. So for now THANK YOU one and all. Article By: Grant Vogel Photos By: Michael Cozad

AMC Spring Photo Run 4-16-2016

AMC Work Day 4-2-2016

AMC Work Day 3-26-2016

AMC Work Day 3-19-2016

Another great day on the Amador Central Railroad. The weather was beautiful and there was wonderful comradary. We replaced 8 bad ties and got the ballast installed at Bovine Meadows. All that remains on site is to tamp the ballast and install the new rail. Note that today was done the good old fashioned hand. Not one piece of equipment was involved and we moved a lot of old ballast and dirt. After delivering Workers and ballast to the work site some of us returned to the yard for a second load of ballast. We all have a lot of thanks to give to the gang that worked together to do all of this. Thank you Tony Quierolo, Manual Azevado, Robert Cozad, Rick Smith, Mark Demler, Gary Reinoehl, Tom Correa, Grant and of course Ward's students...Erika, Joe, and Francis. Thank you everyone for your hard work ! ! ! Write Up By: Robert Cozad Photos By: Robert Cozad

AMC Spray Day 3-15-2016

It was a beautiful day on the rails. Sun was shining, grass was so green, a few puffy white clouds drifted by under blue skies. So here we entered the picture to turn the remainder of the ROW into a brown carpet. Since we had sprayed the first part a few days ago we only had a mile and a half at the top end to treat and about a mile and a half at the lower end. Write-up By: Grant Vogel, Photos By: Bob Cozad

AMC Work Day 2-27-2016

The fourth work Saturday in a row on the ACRR. This day we finished up cleaning flanges at the Sunnybrooke Crossing, Hwy 104 and Hwy 124 crossings. Also, placed a cuvert to be completed at a later date at Rich Bryant Station, and finished cutting up that down tree from last week.

AMC Work Day 2-20-2016

AMC Work Day 1-26-2016

This day on the ACRR, a small group worked on the Wildflower Crossing. First Rick Kreth brought down his Kubota mini excavator to remove the gravel from between the rails at the crossing. This allows for access to remove the gauge bars and remove/replace the broken rail. We then started pulling the spikes along the broken rail, and attempted to remove the gauge bars in the area of the broken rail. There's where the problem began. Due to the extent of time they have been in place, the nuts on the bars were found to be rusted solid, even with some soaking with WD40, and some major elbow grease we could only manage to get one removed. Some additional dosing with penetrate oil, and more time, and elbow grease will be required. We then installed some timbers between the rails to act as a temporary crossing for the construction traffic from the neighboring subdivision construction. All in all, a short but somewhat productive day. The work party included; Rick Kreth, Grant Vogel, Tom Correa, Larry Bowler, and Mike Cozad. Robert Cozad stopped by after a prior engagement to check up on us. We even had a special guest stop by. Larry Rhodes came by to check out what we were up to, and stopped and chewed the fat with Grant and the rest of us for a little while. Photos By: Mike Cozad

RRCHS/ACRR Event Photos (2015):

ACRR Christmas Toy Run 12-5-15

It was a wonderful day on the Amador Central Railroad for a Christmas run. The cars were decorated in bright decorations, to celebrate the holiday season. We had a couple of special guests on today's run, one gentleman from above Auburn, and another flew all the way in from Choctaw, Oklahoma just to take part in our run. The day's event included two full runs to the end of the line in Martel, as well as a toy drive. We received a load of toys for the kids around the area. Many of the toys donated will go to displaced victims of the Butte fire. Between runs, Fat Freddie's was on hand to serve his wonderful hot dogs. After a second run the group returned at dusk and set off the cars. Our safety crew for the day was Bob Cozad, Mike Cozad, Lorraine Correa, Chuck Ratto, Donna Finklestein, The group has our gratitude for all of the toys donated, and for the continued support of the Amador Central Railroad. Have a wonderful and happy holiday.

AMC Work Day 11-21-15

It was a beautiful day on the AMC today (Saturday, 11-21-15) when we gathered at a rancher's crossing to replace the old deteriorated gravel crossing with a stable wood one. This particular rancher had granted us access across his property to repair a hillside that was sliding down over the ROW and we in turn agreed to fix this crossing. Most of the help you will recognize from previous work days but we had some surprise guest workers in attendance. Mark Demlier, a member of long ago when we first started, is back and our own Ward Allen brought some of his students along to lend a hand. The entire job was completed in an hour and 40 minutes thanks to all that were there. Another great day on the AMC Photos By: Mike Cozad

History Run 10-10-15

We had a very nice History Run on 10 Oct. 2015. Gary Reinoehl stepped provided the narration for the stops of interest along the Railroad. At the top Fat Freddie was available with his wonderful hot-dogs for lunch. The return trip was great and our guests all had a wonderful time on the railroad. Thanks to all the motor-car operators and our crossing flaggers. Photos courtesy of Robert Cozad.

AMC Workday, 8-8-15

This morning a group of 6 members set out to replace the old broken up wood at SWAG 1. This is a ranch road that also leads to a water tank. Thanks to the donation of material by Ward Allen and the labor of Rick Smith, Mike Cozad, Tom Correa, Larry Bowler and Bob Cozad the job was completed in three hours and is now a very serviceable crossing. Photos by: Mike Cozad

BSA, Wilton Troop 581 take a run on the ACRR

On Saturday, June 27th the AMCRR hosted 14 scouts, leaders and parents on an introduction to railroading so they can work towards completion of their railroading merit badge. After the welcoming and a safety talk we moved on to 124 where Tom gave a short description of how signals operate and what we did to make them operational on the railroad. From there we went to SunnyBrook and returned to RBS where questions were fielded and answered. All in all a good day on the railroad enjoyed by all. Thanks go out to our safety crew Bob Cozad and Dave Stahl and Lorraine Correa, operators John Stettler, Tom Correa and Larry Bowler. Photos By: Mike Cozad

ACRR Inspection Run 6-20-15

On 6-20-15, 5 of us left RBS and ventured up to Cyclone with several goals in mind. One was to do a complete track inspection which was accomplished. Others were to check all of our signals, check for brush and weed growth. Some branches were cut down and disposed of, rocks were moved from the tracks, and we measured the rails to be replaced that have heat kinked due too both heat and water moving dirt between the ties and rail. We also picked up the turntable at Cyclone and brought it to Rich Bryant Station to be used next Saturday when we have the Boy Scouts on the RR.

AMC Work Party on the ACRR, 6-9-15

One more glorious day on the Amador Central Railroad ! A little track work and the correction of some drainage problems. Photos By: Robert Cozad and Tom Correa.

Ione Rail Fair May 23rd & 24th 2015

With a slightly changed theme this years Rail Fair has been deemed to be a very successful event by all attendees. All one could see as the passengers stepped out of or off of their rail cars were white teeth from the smiles. Even the operators were smiling. Our new turning pad was put into service and once some small alterations to the ski turntable will be a very beneficial asset to the railroad. The shortened trip length enabled us to make more runs and have more happy customers. Photos By: Michael Cozad

Good Day Ch 31 Visits ACRR 5-18-15

The Amador Central RR and the Recreational Railroad Coalition Historical Society was featured on Good Day Sacramento, channel 31, this morning. Good Day's Kristin Marshall relayed information about the Railroad and the Ione Rail Fair coming up this weekend May 23rd & 24th. Photos By: Robert Cozad

AMC Work Day 3-14-2015

Photos By: Mike Cozad and Robert Cozad

Rich Bryant Memorial Work Party, 2-14-2015

Photos By: Mike Cozad

RRCHS/ACRR Event Photos (2014):

ACRR Inspection Run (12-30-14)

Once the recent stormy weather finally cleared, it was decided that an inspection run on the ACRR was in order. Grant called on a work group to make a run up the ACRR to Martel, to assess any possible weather damage from the recent storms. On Tuesday, December 30th, the A car and Larry Bowler's 19 were utilized to transport an inspection/work group up the hill. The group consisted of Grant Vogel, Jay Finklestein, Tom Correa, Robert Cozad, and Larry Bowler along with his grandson Elijah. As reported by Grant, the day went smoothly, encountering only a small amount of vegetation/debris, and one large oak tree branch to clean up. The group was met by Tom and Jay's wives at the EOL with lunch before returning down the hill. Photos of the operation by Robert Cozad.

Sutter Creek Parade of Lights 2014

Saturday evening, (12-13-14) after spending about 7 hours decorating our float for the "Sutter Creek Parade of Lights", we were off for a short trip down Main Street, Sutter Creek The combination of Chuck's Ratto's Plywood Ivan and a '29 Sheffield that used to run the rails of the AMC, was an immediate success even before we got on the actual parade route. It was well received by the crowd that not only packed the sidewalks and every balcony in town, but also flooded out into the street Thanks to Emily Hook who along with Pam Sharp provided the food and beverages during and after the float building and our tour through town. Grant Vogel, Pam Sharp, Chuck Ratto, Gary and Rebecca Reinoehl, Larry Bowler, Thornton Consolo, (who drove the rig) and Mike Cozad, all pulled together, and a super time was had by all. Photos provided by Photographer Michael Cozad.

Fall History Run, 10-18-2014

The Fall History Run is a public run on the Amador Central Railroad, organized and lead by Deborah Cook, local Amador County historian/author. Motor car passengers enjoy a majestic ride along the historic Amador Central Railroad, stopping at many locations along the way, learning historical aspects of the Amador Central Railroad, presented by Deborah Cook.

Ione Rail Fair, May 2014

Each year over Memorial Day weekend we put on the Rail Fair which features rides on the rails, many exhibits including model railroads, antique cars, trucks, and gas engines as well as vendors and other activities.

Spring History Run, 4-12-2014

The Fall History Run is a public run on the Amador Central Railroad, organized and lead by Deborah Cook, local Amador County historian/author. Motor car passengers enjoy a majestic ride along the historic Amador Central Railroad, stopping at many locations along the way, learning historical aspects of the Amador Central Railroad, presented by Deborah Cook.

P14 Passenger Car Test Run, 4-6-2014

The RRCHS makes a well deserved fun run on the Amador Central Railroad, to debut it's latest addition, the P14 passenger car, designed and built by RRCHS's master builder/fabricator, Carl Shellhorn . This was a perfect opportunity for a test run for the new P14 in preparation for the following weekend's public History Run.

Pride of Ione Celebration, 4-5-2014

The RRCHS attended the Pride of Ione Celebration with a booth presenting aspects of the ACRR's history and heightening public awarenaess of the preservation of old railroads for educational, and recreational railroad activities.

RRCHS/ACRR Work Day Photos (2014):

ACRR Work Day, 2-22-2014

Volunteers were assembled to complete some much needed work on a deteriorating culvert on the ACRR. Once again, master fabricator/builder Carl Shellhorn came to the rescue designing an apparatus to hoist sections of new pipe and slide them into the existing deteriorating culvert. In the end the pipe was placed, some vegetation trimmed. All in all, a great work day on the ACRR.

ACRR Work Day, 2-15-2014

Once again all hands were on deck for another ACRR work party event. A new drainage culvert was needed along the section of the track in the Ione yard at the set on site. A skid steer, and tracked mini excavator was utilized to excavate, place, and backfill the new culvert. The new access road to the set on site was also graded.

ACRR Work Day, 1-11-2014

This was a very busy work/maintenance day on the ACRR. First at hand was to transport the new pipe to the location of the deteriorating old culvert. The ends of the old culvert were trimmed off, and some vegetation trimmed up near the culvert site. Then it was off up the hill to perform some inspection/maintenance along the ACRR. Mile markers were painted and renumbered as the group made it's way up the hill.