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US Marshals Foil Robbery Attempt on the AMC (Fake News)

Yesterday, Saturday, October 27th 2018, two wood-be robbers dressed in old west garb, jumped out of the bushes with guns blazing, attempting to rob the Amador Central Railroad, at gun point, at a spot known at Robber's Roost.The two attempted to steal two money caches transported on the AMC History Excursion, authorities said. Luckily for the railroad, the money is safe, thanks to two US Marshals that were quick to act on the scene, and apprehend the dastardly duo. The identity of the two was not disclosed at the scene. The two are to be arraigned at the Amador County Courthouse on Monday, October, 29th, 2018, authorities said. The History Excursion continued on it's scheduled run, stopping along the rails, where passengers were treated to history lessons about the Amador Central Railroad, led by amateur historian Gary Reinhoeld. This years 7th annual History Run was sold out running a 13 car consist. The Marshals and Robbers played by members of American Legion Post 108 and Auxiliary known as the "Law Dawgs".

AMC History Run 2018, Train Robbery at Robber's Roost (Lane's Station) on 10-27-2018

AMC-American Legion Run, 10-6-2018

On 10-6-2018, the American Legion, Post 108 was honored with a ride on the Amador Central Railroad. Members of the American Legion, Post 108 were given two runs on the AMC from Bryant Station in Ione, to the end of the line in Martel, an approximately 10 mile run each way. After the first run, everyone was treated to a box lunch from Togos, supplied by the American Legion, Post 108, prior to guests embarking on the second run up to Martel, and back.

AM Run on the AMC with the American Legion, Post 108 on 10-6-2018.

Season Opener, AMC Rides for the Public 4-14-2018

While March proved too wet to start Amador Central Railroad’s “Rides for the Public” season, Saturday, April 14th, 2018, proved to be a beautiful day to ride the rails. The Amador Central Railroad, in conjunction with the RRCHS, (Recreational Railroad Coalition Historical Society) and the ACHS, (Amador County Historical Society) started off the season with a huge success! Eager people from all around, came in droves to ride the rails on the Amador Central Railroad for three runs from Lane’s Station near Ione to Sunnybrook.

The Day started at 07:00, for the dozen volunteers with the Amador Central Railroad, setting on five motor cars, and one passenger car, at Rich Bryant Station in Ione, getting in an operator’s safety meeting, before heading out to Lane Station, crossing Hwy 124, and 104 along the way. Once at Lane’s Station, the crew set up the signs, sales booth, pop-up shades, and started getting ready to sell tickets at 09:15. Almost immediately after the “Rail Car Ride” signs went up on Highway 104, people started rolling in chomping at the bit to get their seats reserved for the 10 am, 12 pm, or the 2 pm runs. One eager lady was already onsite waiting, and helped the crew set up, and bought five tickets for the last run of the day. At the end of the day, the Amador Central Railroad sold a total of 70 seats, selling out all three runs, sold Amador Central Railroad hats and shirts, and received additional donations, for a total of over $800 in proceeds that is used to maintain the Amador Central Railroad.

Riders were treated to a brief history of the Amador Central Railroad prior to embarking on the trip. Prior to the returning from Sunnybrook, passengers were educated by seeing firsthand how the motor cars are turned for the return trip back, as well as entertained with the stylings of Thomas Correa on his harmonica, accompanied by his singing dog Royal.

“For the first run of the season, we sure knocked off a lot of rust from these old rails” commented Thomas Correa, Excursion Coordinator with the Amador Central Railroad.
Work on slide #2 on the Amador Central Railroad, 11-25-2017.

AMC Work Day 9-23-2017

A few of our members came out today and worked on reinstalling the ties and rails at slide one. A lot of progress was made and for this we are very grateful for their donation of time and energy to the railroad. We were rolling along at a good pace when a tool problem brought it to a halt. Seems the driver that fits into the electric jack hammer had broken a weld and would no longer stay on the spike head. We had some mauls on site and tried them but ended up breaking three handles. So...........enough was enough and the older crowd was pooped anyhow and we broke up and went on our way home. The AMC owes a debt of gratitude to all that lent a hand today. Gary Reinoehl (ACHS) who was stung by a bee in his mouth and ended up stopping in at the ER, Rick Kreth, (with his Kubota mini excavator) Mark Demler, Jay Finklestein, Robert Cozad, Mike Cozad, Tom Correa,( with his Kubota loader) Larry Bowler, Art Clark, Francis Storey, Jay's cousin Dave, Paul Greenfield. We are close to reopening the RR to the top. Thanks All You are the best! Written By: Grant Vogel Photos By: Mike Cozad

Working on the AMC, replaceing ties and replacing rail at the wash out location off Beaver Loop in Sunnybrook, 9-23-2017.

AMC Public Short Run 4-8-2017

Despite the rain cutting the day short, the Amc Amador Central Railroad's first official public short run was a huge success! A total of 7 motor cars the carried a total of 29 excited, happy passengers from Hwy 104 to Sunnybrook. The day had to be cut short after the first run, after the rain in the late morning slickened the rails making it unsafe to make any further runs. The Amador Central Railroad's next public run takes place on Saturday, May 13th, 2017. So come on out next month on the 13th and take a ride on the rails. The approx. 1 hour ride costs only $10 dollars per person, ages 5 and over, and starts at Hwy 104 and goes up to Sunnybrook, winding through the beautiful Amador County county side, crossing the trestle over Hwy 88, and through beautiful pastures full of local cattle and of coarse you may spot some of the local wildlife as well. All proceeds go toward maintaining this beautiful and historic railroad. For more information on the runs and the railroad, visit

AMC Public Short Run 3-11-2017

On Saturday March 11th we conducted our first regular scheduled rail car rides for the public. Other than sun minor hiccups it went very successfully. Each run takes about 1 hr for the round trip. We hope to see people out on April 8th when we do this again ! ! !
Fall History Run 2016
AMC End of Summer Run 2016