Photo Gallery

Flying the Amador Central May, 2014:
Aerial filming of the Amador Central Railroad during the May 24, 2014 Ione Rail Fair and Vintage Motor Fest, Amador County, California.  By Larry Angier

Test run of the P14 passenger car on the Amador Central Railroad.  Video by Mike Cozad

VIP Run, 7-13-2013 "Amador Central Cannonball":

Public motor car run on the Amador Central Railroad, to thank supporters of the railroad.  By: Mike Cozad

High Ball to Martell, May 2013:

A time lapse film created during the Ione Railfair 2013.  Normally it takes about an hour to climb the 3% grade, round the nearly 100 curves and travel the ten miles from the Ione Railyard up to the turning pad just west of Martell, California.  By:  Larry Angier

Ione Homecoming Parade 2013 ACRR-RRCHS:
Ione Homecoming Parade from the float's perspective.  The RRCHS decorated and entered a float featuring the debut of "Plywood Ivan" a plywood mach-up of Iron Ivan, including billowing smoke.  Video by Mike Cozad.

Two videos from the Ione Rail Fair in 2011.  Part 1:  the trip from Ione to Martell, and Part 2: from Martel back to Ione.  Videos by Mike Cozad