THANK YOU to all members, friends, rail preservationists and anyone who contributed time and or dollars to the "fix the slide" fund these past few months,  Your hard work and contributions has made possible the completion of repairs to the problems caused by the storms of last winter.   We are wrapping up the repairs by the weekend of the 14th.  All in all over 500 yards of fill (rock, boulders, dirt, and gravel were hauled in ties and track put back in place.  It has been  a long haul but a very worthwhile endeavor.  So once again THANK YOU!

Two Rivers Private Railcar Excursion

The Amador Central Railroad volunteer group invites you to join us in Woodland, aboard the 1940's era Pullman Private Railcar Two Rivers for a relaxing 14 mile trip from Woodland to Sacramento and return on Sunday, November 17th, 2019. We are offering a morning and afternoon trip aboard our private train,  each lasting approximately 3 hours.  This includes stops along the route to disembark and take some photos if you wish. 

There are two levels of service for each trip. Lounge Seating includes complimentary food and beverage in the main section of the car while you enjoy the company of your fellow travelers. Deluxe Room Seating includes table service in the Pullman Company tradition seating 4 people per table and includes access to all parts of the car. 

Sip some of Amador County's finest libations while we cross the 1-1/2 mile long causeway trestle and run alongside the scenic Sacramento River.

This track is scheduled to be pulled up in the next few years, so this may be your last chance to ride the full length of this historic piece of the old Northern Electric Railway from 1911.

The entirety of your generous donation will benefit the Amador Central Railroad Shop Building fund.

The morning trip departs at 10:00am, and the afternoon trip departs at 2:00pm. 

 Please arrive early for check in. 

Make sure to bring your ticket!

Questions? Call Chris Allan at (209) 418-5011 or email

Your hosts Roger & Gloria Stabler

For Information on our public rides on the Amador Central Railroad, click here.

Ione Rail Fair 2014 Video By: Larry Angier

Welcome to the Recreational Railroad Coalition Historical Society website.

Recreational Railroad Coalition Historical Society, a 501 C3,
ID # 20-5605660, was founded with the preservation of old railroads as their primary goal with a secondary goal of using the railroads preserved for educational, and recreational railroad activities. To this end we were very fortunate to be able to lease the old Amador Central Railroad operated by Sierra Pacific Industries for several years during which time we maintained the rails, signals, and even reinstalled the back leg of the wye which had been removed many years prior. We developed an annual event called the Ione Rail Fair to make the money necessary to keep these old rails active not with regular train service but using vintage railroad maintenance of way equipment called motorcars. We also operated the Linden branch of the Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad for several years. In 2010, Sierra Pacific Industries offered to sell the railroad to RRCHS and the Amador County Historical Society for one dollar. Both organizations saw the opportunity to join forces and preserve these historic and scenic rails for the future generations of Amador County residents and all those that come up to ride and see the magnificent scenery of this (now) 10 mile railroad.

RRCHS is an all volunteer group with a membership that continues to grow. It is governed by a Board of Directors who oversee its operation. If you wish to join us please complete the application that can be found HERE and send it along with your dues to our membership secretary. Come up and see us at work on our railroad along with our partners the ACHS.